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Carefree Vacant Property. (leegstand zonder zorgen with English subtitles )

Carefree vacant property (Leegstand zonder zorgen with English subtitles) from Abel Heijkamp on Vimeo.

Vivienda vacia y sin preocupaciones (Leegstand zonder zorgen with Spanish subtitles)



Vivienda vacia y sin preocupaciones (Leegstand zonder zorgen with Spanish subtitles) from Abel Heijkamp on Vimeo.

Information about property management companies.

Interesting articles about Property management companies in the UK.

Antisquat Security companies: Protection by Occupation bij Corporate Watch

“Who will guard the guards themselves?” by Nearly Legal


Fora about Property Management Companies in the UK Different experiences from (former) tenants:

Forum with experiences of  tenants of Camelot Property Management in the UK


For further information about property management companies check:

If you have any questions or news about ‘property management’ companies email: Union for precarious dwellings founded to raise public awareness around temporary contracts and to support tenants. For questions or to become member please email: Dutch website where property management tenants can post their stories. Soon they will have an English section.




Research property guardian companies.


The Union of Precarious Dwellings is currently investigating the role of
property guardian companies in managing vacant or short-life properties.
Throughout the course of our research we have been concerned to find that
many property guardian companies seem to be deliberately ignoring and
withholding many of their guardian's legitimate rights and demands as

By collecting experiences of residents on paper and raising awareness of
these violations of occupants rights, we aim to improve the legal status
of guardians and temporary occupants.
Can we ask you for a short summary (1 A4 sheet) of your experiences as a
guardian for these companies?

We would particularly like information about:

    * Positive and negative experiences with property guardian companies.
    * How you viewed the rules stipulated in the contract you signed as a
guardian. (Regarding home peace / privacy, fees, notice periods and /
or other requirements).
    * The reason(s) why you decided to become a property guardian.
    * Things you would like to see improved by these companies.

All replies/comments can be made anonymously.

You can mail your story to Thanks for your
for more information (in Dutch) about the union of precarious dwellings

For more information on the questionnaire or the Union of precarious dwellings
contact Abel Heijkamp  0031647686543    or
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